Gari Network goes Multi-chain, Chingari app to launch on Aptos blockchain 👍🏻

Chingari, a leading web3 social app, goes multichain, with a scheduled launch on the Aptos Network in Q2. This move is a testament to Chingari’s commitment to providing its users with the best possible experience with innovative blockchain products and showcases the platform’s determination to stay at the forefront of decentralized technology.

Chingari to launch on Aptos Network in Q2

L1 blockchains have become the backbone of many decentralized platforms, providing the infrastructure needed to support decentralized transactions, smart contracts, and other Web3 features.

Though Chingari would be going multichain with Aptos , it will continue to be on Solana as well, providing a hassle free user experience to the community.

Chingari would be developing on the innovative Aptos Network, which is developed on Move based contracts, and the adoption of this blockchain is expected to bring a new level of efficiency and security to Chingari’s platform. Aptos offers several key benefits, including increased scalability, security, and speed, making it the perfect fit for Chingari’s needs.

This adoption will allow Chingari to manage decentralized transactions and other Web3 features in a multichain experience with greater ease and confidence, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience for its users.

Benefits of Gari Network going Multichain

  • Interoperability: It will allow for seamless transfer of assets and data between different blockchain ecosystems, improving and reducing barriers to entry for end-users. Over time we envisage Gari Network to become a social protocol that best facilitates the products that are building on top of it, with favorable tradeoffs for relevant products and services.
  • Scalability: The ability to use more than one blockchains as per requirement can provide added scalability to a project, as it can offload some of its transactional load to other networks. Gari Network as a social protocol has been onboarding a lot of projects through the Web3 Growth Stack.
  • Increased security: The use of relevant blockchains with specific tradeoffs can enhance the overall security of a project, as the decentralization provided by multiple networks makes it more difficult for a single point of failure to occur. Chingari, the social media application adopting Aptos network enables a strong focus & path towards a safer UX.

Positioning of Gari Network on Solana

The growth to 2.3M+ on-chain users would not have been possible without the Solana network support and the wonderful community who have contributed to the growing Gari ecosystem. The rewards program for Chingari-Solana users, support for decentralized applications on Solana will continue to exist for existing users, open source contributors and developers.

With the Chingari application to adopt Aptos Network in Q2, Gari Network will enable sufficient changes without affecting the user experience on the application. The key pointers to be noted during the launch in Q2

  • Despite the larger developmental effort that would be dedicated towards development on the Aptos Network, the Chingai users on Solana would not face any forced migration, thereby providing a hassle free user experience.
  • Chingari serves to serve the best user experience on both chains and the users would not face any forced migration experience.
  • There are no plans to sunset any features built on the Solana.
  • Chingari-Solana users will receive rewards in perpetuity & continued airdrop programs for Solana ecosystem project that are similar to the Bonk airdrop campaign that is planned for this month
  • Gari-spl support to be still open for developers, open source contributors to build on Gari Network

Existing users of the platform will still have access to their wallets, rewards, and incentives using Solana, with support towards. This means that Solana will continue to play an important role in the Chingari ecosystem, while providing a proven & reliable platform experience for users to manage their assets.

In addition to supporting existing users, Chingari will also continue to support community-built decentralized applications that operate on the Solana blockchain. This shows that Chingari recognizes the importance of the Solana ecosystem and wants to ensure that it continues to grow and thrive, even as the platform intends to dedicate a larger effort towards development of newer products with the Aptos Network initiatives.

The decision to maintain support for Solana showcases Chingari’s understanding of the significance of the Solana blockchain and its commitment to fostering the growth and stability of the crypto community. By supporting Solana, Chingari ensures that its users and community-built decentralized applications won’t be impacted by the development on the Aptos network.

FAQ on common misconceptions:

Is Chingari migrating to Aptos?

No, it is not a migration initiative. This is a multichain expansion with support to both networks

The update does not indicate a migration of users or products and services away from Solana. This is Chingari’s initiative towards a multichain world while supporting products and services that would be built on both blockchains.

The multi chain initiative is indicative of efforts to build on Aptos network while sustaining the products and rewards program built on Solana blockchain. The initiative would also involve a lot of cross-chain operations in the backend to ensure that the support is existent on both blockchains.

The developments will ensure that there would be a scalable and safer experience for the massive influx of new users who will be onboarding as new Web3 users. This will serve as a significant case study of growth prior to expanding towards emerging and capital markets in the near future.

Will Chingari support both Solana and Aptos going forward?


Post the launch of Chingari on Aptos Network in Q2, as mentioned earlier the support for Solana will continue to exist, with continued support to partnered airdrops in the Solana ecosystem and have exposure to a decentralized ad network. The Solana ecosystem is still open to partner with Chingari the application in comarketing activities and partnered case studies to existing users. We would also be going live with a bonk airdrop campaign for Chingari users in upcoming weeks.

How will Chingari users benefit from Aptos Network after the planned launch in Q2?

The user experience on both networks would be planned in the best way possible, with newer products to be built from scratch on the Aptos Network. The rewards program will be enabled on both networks even after the launch on Aptos Network.

With Gari Network undergoing the necessary update to have support to both Solana and Aptos, the Chingari application will majorly benefit from the Aptos network support given the focus on scalability and a safer user experience. Chingari is closely working with the Aptos labs team towards delivering the best possible Web3 Social media experience, for which Gari Network will provide all the necessary support.

The products and services built on the Solana blockchain will continue to exist, with users receiving Gari token mining rewards in perpetuity. The Gari-Solana stack is also used in tremendous business development initiatives.

How will the Chingari users engage with other users on respective networks?

All incentives, rewards and user-generated activities will exist on both networks.

Activities such as sending/receiving token rewards, airdrops, tipping, boosting, gifting & booster upgrades will be enabled for both sets of users.

Chingari is working with the best industry partners to enable cross-chain engagement, especially tipping of users across both networks with a lot of cross-chain product developments. This demonstrates Chingari’s commitment to serve the best user experience without causing hassles to the existing & new users who will be boarded onto the platform. This is also the world’s first hand experience at delivering cross chain support for users on two different networks on a Web3 consumer app.

In summary, Chingari’s commitment to supporting Solana through supporting builders to make use of Gari Network’s Solana support, while the Social media application makes the expansion towards the Aptos Network.

This highlights the company’s focus on creating a secure, trustworthy, and inclusive crypto environment for its users. This strategy will aid in the continued growth and stability of Chingari and the larger crypto community for the next wave of users coming to Web3 Social media.


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