FusionX Finance Incentivized Testnet (Confirmed Airdrop)

FusionX Finance, A native DEX on Mantle Network building Composable DeFi Ecosystem.

FusionX is an organization propelled by the community with the goal of addressing the “liquidity problem,” which can be described as the challenge of connecting distinct types of liquidity to decentralized markets and vice versa. While other approaches make incremental strides towards solving the liquidity problem.

FusionX(FSX) will be a native token of the FusionX Ecosystem which will launch multiple projects under the same brand with a single token FSX (Token confirmed by Team).
[31/05, 8:40 am] Suriyanarayanan: Testnet Guide
Step 1: Request Faucet
Go to Faucet | FusionX
Click “Connect wallet” you will be prompted to add the network to your MetaMask.
Follow the prompt and add network.

Click “Send Tweet” > Authorise your account to accept connection to the site.
[31/05, 8:40 am] Suriyanarayanan: Step 2: Swap
Go to Exchange | FusionX

Select tokens of choice $BIT $FSX etc.
Approve token spending limit

Click on swap > Confirm swap
Swap successful.
[31/05, 8:42 am] Suriyanarayanan: Step 3: Add Liquidity
Go to Liquidity | FusionX
Click on add liquidity

Enable token for transaction
Click “Supply” > Confirm supply
[31/05, 8:42 am] Suriyanarayanan: Approve transaction in wallet
Liquidity added successfully.
Step 4: Remove Liquidity
Go back to the liquidity homepage you will see all the pool you added.

Click “Remove”
[31/05, 8:43 am] Suriyanarayanan: Enter percentage you want to remove it may be 100% as well
Click on Remove > “Confirm” and approve transaction in wallet.
Liquidity removed successfully.
Step 5: Complete tasks on Zealy
Zealy: Zealy - Join the movement
Join Discord: Discord
Get Discord role
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