Funds lost? suggestion for pontem wallet

Had around $1300 in my pontem wallet and pretty sure I lost it. New to aptos ecosystem and wallets and just went to sign out of the wallet after i was done with my transaction and i guess signing out literally deletes the wallet as now its asking me to import or create a new wallet. And yes its my fault as I did write down the seed phrase but i mustve done a word wrong or something cause after i import the 12 words it just gives me 99 addresses to choose from but I selected import not create so pretty sure no way to get my funds back. My suggestion would be to have it much harder or you have to go to settings or something as “sign out” doesnt just sign you out like in traditional web2 stuff im familiar with i sign out then i sign back in with my password, but this function deletes my wallet so it should say delete or something as this is very counterintuitive for a lot of us new people here. I was really liking the aptos ecosystem but now I will have to sit this one out while I try to get more capital back.