FTX to liquidate tokens. Checkmate for Solana?

FTX to liquidate tokens. Is it over for Solana and Aptos?
Everyone is probably aware of the FTX saga. The exchange received a court’s approval several days ago to liquidate its assets (tokens) including over $1B in Solana. While the Crypto Twitter (X) and many people claim it is over for Solana, it is a pure attempt to create fear and buy cheap tokens.

FTX liquidators stated that the holdings (all mentioned tokens below) will be preferably sold via OTC to avoid any price crash. Moreover, the majority of SOL holdings are locked by 2025 - 2028 and can not enter the market yet.

However, it is possible that the liquidation event(s) will create fear that would cause price drops for Solana, Bitcoin, and other assets as well. But the price drop itself would be caused by retail panic not from the sell pressure from FTX itself.

To answer the question from the title: No, it is not the end for Solana, Aptos or any other coin/token and its future might be brighter than we think.


Well definitely will have negative impact on ftx liquidating their holding