Forum for beginners

I propose to make an anatation with which every new user who wants to start interacting with the project should become familiar !

An example of how this can be implemented:

1) When a person registers on the forum, after the registration is completed, a window may pop up in which the basics that every user of the project should know will be spelled out.

2) It can also be applied on the server in discord. When the participant passes verification, he will first get into the channel in which this instruction will be. And as an example of such a channel, this is start-here. After all, thanks to him, each participant knows what is in each branch, and with the appearance of such instructions, he will be able to immediately familiarize himself with the basics of the project and its structure.

And yes, of course, this is nothing but education and the basics that everyone who has become a participant in the project should know, because without it it is simply impossible to start taking part in the life of the project and contributing to its development!

How do you like my ideas and the project as a whole?


Great suggestions! My thoughts:

  1. Perhaps we can use this thread to coordinate plans for a shareable “Beginner’s Thread” here on the forum.

Currently, we have this welcome post:

There is also DiscoBot, which is customizable.

  1. We have a “start-here” channel on Discord, and it would be great to explore how it can be improved.

Another question:

What does the onboarding journey look like in terms of content deliverables? Maybe other educational projects like Aptos Academy or Move DAO are working on accessible learning resources?


2 . as far as I know there is no information about the development of such content and it looks like this will be the first

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That would be cool ! It would have helped me when I started for sure !


This will really be helpful.


I like this.


If it’s something you don’t have to pass/view to continue your experience, then okay.

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Great idea, it would be very educational for beginners, I support your idea.


It’s already been implemented. When you register, you interact with a bot that teaches you basic functions


Apparently you don’t fully understand how this will be implemented and what will be in this instruction. If you want, I can provide you with a draft !


It’s good to be here!

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Who know, how can i invite my friend to this forum with referal link? I can’t find this option!

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You need to get the Badge “Regular” and you will get this function


Good idea! I leke it!


Thanks for guidance

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This category is for learning togethe


It would have helped me when I started for sure !

I think it would be useful :wink:

Could you share the pilot of your idea in this topic?

hello, friend! Hope you enjoy staing here! Ask questions if you need any info!