Forum evolution

To be honest, I’m not surprised at the number of projects that are built on Aptos and that are talked about on this forum.

After all, it seems absurdly obvious: now there is an opportunity to jump on a moving train in order to have time to build basic services around such a potential blockchain.

I think Aptos can help a lot in popularizing itself by turning the forum into something like a social network, where you can subscribe, send a private message, create a team, or run your own blog so that it does not get lost in the feed of new topics.

In fact, you can go even further and tie the possibility of donations to help startups, but here, I believe, legal difficulties may arise.


Wonderful topic for discussion!

Let’s use this thread + the #suggestions category as a whole to evolve our forum together. I’d love to explore ways to adapt:

  • Categories
  • Groups
  • Tags

The open-source Aptos community platform is connected with Discourse, which provides features you mentioned.


To subscribe to a topic or category, set its notification status to “Watching.”




Look here: Groups

Learn, Build, Evolve!

I’m fascinated by the concept of evolutionary purpose, which means it is discovered, rather than decided. Aptos community participants interact with various communication systems dynamically. We must respond quickly and effectively to change. However, operational pieces must work together. This requires balance of autonomy and cohesion.

I believe our forum provides a learning network that enables cooperation to manage resources and develop adaptive behaviors. That emerges from reciprocation strategies.

  • Summaries
  • Questions
  • Feedback

For example, how might we improve the #projects category to better support each other?


What do you all think?


Yes, I was surprised to find a few of the features I suggested adding. Probably, at this stage, I’m not used to the interface yet. But nevertheless, the movement towards evolution into a social network, or at least the addition of some aspects, still seems right to me. For example, I can subscribe to a particular topic, but I can’t subscribe to a person’s blog about how he helps develop Aptos.

I think it will be time-consuming to implement a feed with publications right away, I suggest starting with a general weekly summary of the forum. If you give the go-ahead, I could do it.


Great, James ! I think we need to tell everyone that it’s better to complete forum tutorial with @discobot at the first time
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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Thank you for joining the conversation : D

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Pls how can I flag the discobot post in the first tutorial?

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