[Forum] Create language blocks

Hey everyone! Glad to see you there. :wave:

The forum was filled with mixes of languages. Do you also see these topics in Russian?
Of course, this is great, people should communicate in the language that is most convenient for them, and then the forum will be a convenient place to discuss all issues. So what am I talking about…

I propose to create regional subforums in which each participant will find relevant topics in his native language.


  1. Create a subforum and grant access to it only to those who have set a particular region in their profile.
  2. Create a certain number of subforums with the main languages. Aptos Labs has access to the statistics of forum visits, and there are not so many countries.
  • 1st option
  • 2nd option

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Freely express your thoughts :thinking: about this in response to the topic, thank you for your attention!


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I defo agree with that :upside_down_face: