Forum and Community Building

Hello all!

I want to raise the current topic of “Community Building”.

Based on my experience, all proposals, the development of the community on a formal level occurs mainly on the forum.

My suggestion.

Create a section “Community” and divide into language section ( English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Polish, etc.).

What is it needed for.

  1. This is an additional impetus for the development of the community.
  • an additional tool in the future for local DAOs (if there will be).
  1. It is an additional tool for communication between speakers.
  2. Monitoring of community activity within these language section.
  3. Quick entry of a new member of the community through the ability to read information in their native language.

I am attaching a screenshot to my proposal.
Снимок экрана 2022-08-18 в 16.06.12

This is a model of the community section as it is made on the Harmony network.

Everything about the community in one place.

  1. Announcements - Voting rules change, candidates selection, new reward system etc.
  2. Events - Global events and their rules, local events and how they can be implemented in cooperation with different native speaker groups.
  3. Introductions - A proposal for a new or different initiation.

How I see implementing this section on the forum so that it’s not empty.

Step 1.
Create a community section with these:

  1. Announcements.
  2. Events
  3. Introductions
  4. And a section with English.

Step 2.
In the “Introductions” people write a post asking for a language section, and if there’s activity there, create one.
Or get 50-100 votes by voting.

Why am I writing all this?
We want to create our own community in APTOS ecosystem and this is one of the tools we need, because here the APTOS team will be able to visually see the activity and fruits of our work. We take our community project experience from the experience we gained in Harmony, because we built a lot there and now want to build it here in APTOS.

Aptos community what do you think about it?

P.S. We have a lot of different ideas, but we will submit them as we go along.


it seems to me that this is not a very cool idea since you can leave comments in your native language, this is allowed and there is a discord for communication )

Multilingual forum is not only to communicate in their native language, it is a presentation of information by crypto-enthusiasts, it is structuring of information in different languages, it is a great tool for DAO because all information is publicly available and for everyone.

Someone wrote a translation or something else in Spanish or another language, they want it for everyone. This information will get lost among dozens of other posts. That’s what structuring everything is for.


Hi. :wave: Great idea, I like it very much.
It will really help in structuring and organizing the work of the regional community, where all important announcements and documents will be in one place and you won’t have to look for them, where all important events and discussions are.
It will also help in further organizing the DAOs, and the transparency of their development.
I support this idea. :black_heart:


Hi! I see on the posts of the forum that the greatest activity is where there are contests and gifts)) All as always. :sweat_smile:
Activity in posts about technical decisions practically is absent, therefore I want to hear comments from Aptos team.
@james Can I get a comment from you?

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I think that’s a great suggestion, and I’d support this experiment if people think it could help to improve community experience. Perhaps there is need for a #community section…

Re: languages ~ you are welcome to use any language on this forum!

There is a built-in translation feature, and we can utilize tags for various language sections. However, they are not as obvious, accessible, or intuitive. Language sections might facilitate regional + local community development.

Do you think we could keep it all better connected with tags, instead of subcategories?

Your point about #dev activity on the forum is really important. Would love to discuss ways to engage more builders to contribute to discussions here. Much of the technical work happens via GitHub, and the forum is new. We should have other threads like this one:

Here is a related project inviting projects to share case studies about Move:

Currently, the Aptos Improvement Proposal system is WIP…

Governance Process:

  1. The Aptos community can suggest an Aptos Improvement Proposal (AIP) in community forums, channels and discuss them off-chain.
  2. When an off-chain AIP acquires sufficient importance, then an on-chain proposal can be created for the AIP via the AptosGovernance module.

This thread is definitely a valid Aptos Improvement Proposal (#aip)

I’m not exactly sure what “sufficient importance” means, but we understand the importance of community building. Excited to make moves on this, and curious to learn more from your experience :slight_smile:


Great and considerate idea. I support this.

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Thank you for your response.
About tags:
Working with tags is understandable and intuitive to those who have not the first day on the forum. And most do not use them, and teach everyone to work with tags - it’s a very long way) And new users will be lost among all …

It’s easier to structure it all.
If you want to go by the DAO model, a separate branch for different languages is important.

I think the appearance of language branches will kickstart the development of a community because all speakers of the same language will get together and communicate with each other.

Your task as a project to pull all the information in different languages from users on the forum. So you will create your own Aptos information base. Which will give an easy entrance to the project to every new user, no matter what language he speaks.

I and my team are from Ukraine, we participated in grant DAO, in grant projects and we were active users of the network and we know how everything really works. Harmony has made a big leap in DAO organization compared to other networks.
We want to bring improved past experiences to your network.

P.S. If a project needs to develop a DAO algorithm or anything else related to this topic, we are happy to help.


I support dividing the #projects category into those related to the Aptos ecosystem, or to developers and those related to the community. That makes sense in my opinion.

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good suggestion, at the moment it’s already partially implemented :wave:

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