Flashmob Challenge

  • Aptoverse Flashmob Challenge
  • The essence of the project is to organize a flash mob with community members, in which they will need to record a short video about the project (5-10) seconds. A set of these short videos will later be compiled into one big video that will showcase the power of the Aptos community. The main goals are to increase the community engagement in the project, make it learn more about Aptoverse, unite different regions and increase the conversion.
  • Flash mob is needed to unite the project community, because when people spend at least a little time recording a short video about the project, and then see themselves in the compiled video, they follow both the project itself and its technologies much more. It’s very important also in terms of marketing - to show the deep interest of the community in such events. Moreover, all those who participate can learn a lot more about the specifics and terms of the project.
  • It is planned to allocate 3 weeks totally: a week for submission of applications, another week for the collection of video materials and another week for video cutting.
  • Key challenge is to prepare the script for the participants, moderate the community during the event and then make a video montage.

It seems to me that such an event is more suitable for a different type of community. If you want to create an event in the format of entertainment, I think you should pay attention not only to the fun component, but also to the technical educational one. So that this kind of event would have a clear benefit for Aptos.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with these two topics( Aptos-crossword and quizzes ) on the forum, where learning the Move language and Aptos in a playful way is discussed.

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It doesn’t mean that we need to do nothing with community, if you will read the desciption you will understand the purposes of such event. There are technical oriented projects and community oriented projects, and both of them have obvious disadvantages. but there is also a third type of projects that combine the community with the technical part, and it is these projects that will achieve maximum success. But according to your logic, we should not even hold any meme contests.

It seems to me that now it is a little inappropriate and not so crucial for the development of the project !

yeah, it’s true, it just seems to you)

i am ready, can we deal with it?