Finding Opportunities πŸ’° In Bear Markets

:bear: Bear markets are the absolute best for finding opportunities.:money_mouth_face:

Bear Market Can be divided in 3 stages :

:dollar: Stage 1 : Market turns bearish, money starts exiting the market. Denial, fear and desperation. Everything bleeds rapidly as liquidity dries up.

Stage 1 is not a stage where we want to buy and be long! The only exception is extremely oversold days/days with liquidation cascades - these are the only days we want to buy oversold assets for the short term.

:money_with_wings:Stage 2 : This is a stage where market goes into boring mode. Volatility is low and market chops sideways for months.

Coins continue bleeding. This is a stage where we want to look to find and accumulate hidden gems for cheap prices.

:moneybag:Stage 3 : Bottoming stage.

High timeframe trend is about to reverse. Understand that you won’t be able to buy the bottom majority of the time - and thats perfectly fine. We want to be buying with confirmation of high timeframe trend reversal.