# Fed up with banks and centralized exchanges? It's time for a change

Crypto has great potential to empower consumers, but centralized exchanges have their limitations. This “Web3 Swiss army knife of personal finance” says it has the answers.

A cutting-edge crypto platform says it offers all the advantages of centralized exchanges in a noncustodial environment. Changex offers seamless on and off-ramps to fiat, effortless purchases via bank transfers and debit cards, and cross-chain swaps for speedy conversions between digital assets.

There’s no escaping it: traditional banks have become a relic of the past. Old-fashioned financial institutions are stuck in their old ways — with hefty fees, long waiting times for cross-border transfers, and opening hours that don’t match the needs of a 21st-century economy. And this extends to the world of fiat, with eye-wateringly high inflation eating into the earnings of consumers around the world.

Thankfully, there’s been a flurry of innovation in recent years — with neo-banks and fintech startups stepping in to serve the masses. Cryptocurrencies and DeFi have also proven how they can slash the cost of remittances, offer unprecedented levels of freedom, and give consumers full control of their personal finances.

Unfortunately though, centralized exchanges have their limitations — and have left millions of people badly burned. The old saying “not your keys, not your coins” proved itself to be painfully true when a number of high-profile platforms froze withdrawals and went bankrupt in 2022 — including Celsius and FTX.

It isn’t all doom and gloom. Now, an all-in-one Web3 app allows everyone to buy, sell, swap, stake, and transact with crypto from a noncustodial wallet — bringing the features and functionality of CEXs without the pitfalls.

Web3’s Swiss knife of personal finance

One of the biggest hurdles facing crypto enthusiasts today involves converting fiat to digital assets and back again. Existing solutions are often extremely expensive, custodial, and limited in choice. Changex — which describes itself as “Web3’s Swiss knife of personal finance” — says it’s determined to change the narrative.

Whether you want to sell, swap, send, or store crypto — or receive coins from others — Changex says it’s designed to offer everything an enthusiast needs under one roof. In the coming months, crypto-powered debit cards and IBANs will supercharge its offering even further, allowing digital assets to be spent effortlessly at merchants around the world.

Nino Chanev, Changex’s chief marketing officer, says self-custody and staking are going to be predominant themes in crypto throughout 2024, 2025, and beyond — and the business is streets ahead of the competition in delivering this to the masses.

But the journey doesn’t stop here — and in a quest to give users as much choice as possible, the platform is reaching out to up-and-coming projects launching their own cryptocurrencies, making sure it’s easier than ever to list coins on a reputable platform. Changex offers a revenue share deal to projects that list their cryptocurrency on the platform, allowing them to earn up to 1% of all fees collected from transactions with their cryptocurrency.

Moreover, using its deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, Changex provides all listed projects with comprehensive marketing support, including announcements on its blog and social media channels and sending out an email newsletter, to help projects generate interest in their coin and reach a wider audience.

More than just a platform

Changex positions itself as more than just a platform — but a movement. It points to how just 4% of the world’s population currently use cryptocurrencies — partly because DeFi can be inaccessible, needlessly technical, and so complicated it puts people off. As CEO Nick Iliev says:

“You don’t need to know how DeFi works. You simply want it to work.”

It uses a “CeDeFi” model that brings together the perks of traditional finance and couples it with the incredible opportunities that blockchains and crypto provide — delivering the best of both worlds for consumers who are fed up with the status quo.

Security and convenience are two crucial buzzwords, and Changex says it’s determined to help everyone unlock financial freedom and sovereignty.

There’s no escaping it: traditional banks have become a relic of the past. Changex gives us a tantalizing insight into what the future can look like — empowering consumers to achieve their goals and make their money work for them.


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