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I think you should make a link to a page with answers to basic questions about the project, it will help those who are new to the site and want to briefly understand what the Aptos and what he does. I would place the link at the bottom of the site (screenshot :camera_flash:)

Questions that would interest me:

What is Aptos Labs?
It is a project aimed at creating the safest and scalable Layer 1 blockchain.
What is the Move language?
The Aptos blockchain was built using the Move language. Move is an executable bytecode language that is used to execute user transactions and smart-contracts. But unlike other blockchain languages, it is not only one of the safest, it also solves a number of other problems.

Consensus Protocol Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT)
The protocol mechanism is quite effective. With the latest improvements to the protocol, blocks are committed in as far as two network round-trips, making sub-second finality the common case. Also novel reputation system analyses the on-chain state and automatically update leader rotation to adjust for non-responsive validators without any human intervention, making it well suited for decentralized environments.

How is high bandwidth implemented in Aptos?
Throughput and finality are affected by many factors. First of all is the transaction complexity. A major step of this journey has been to fully decouple the consensus protocol from transaction execution. The consensus protocol agrees on a proposed transaction ordering. In a separate protocol and outside of the critical path, validators execute the transactions and have an agreement on the final transaction ordering and execution results.

This is a draft version, the answers can be corrected and new questions can be added. You can share your ideas of questions and answers below, as well as like and vote.
I love everyone and good luck to everyone!


Hey, thank you for the suggestion. We are working on FAQs and you can expect them very soon. Feel free to share frequently asked questions that you think should be included!


Yes, it 's very cool and I could help you as I have a lot of experience in this work !


How can you help? Would like to know about suggestions, ideas and feedback.


I can offer a few questions whose answers I have not articulated, but they may be of interest to new people. You may want to pay attention to them when you create your FAQ.

  1. Why blockchain security is important (you can explain the benefits of Aptos here)
  2. When is the launch planned (meaning not the date, but the stages after which the launch will happen. One can say very brief road map for mass user)
  3. Will Aptos have its own token (I know there is a token, you can write more details about it in the answer)
  4. Fastest NFT minting (Can you explain the progress in this area)
  5. You can also insert general questions like what is web3, etc. For people who are far from cryptoworld to understand the essence of Aptos.
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Thank you for the feedback and questions! Will definitely share with the team :slight_smile:

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I would also advise you to view the FAQ in the discord

With competent drafting of the text and wording, since I worked for 3 years as a natarius and got a lot of experience! And I have also been working as a copywriter for more than 5 years and I know how to formulate and submit this or that idea correctly !


Thank you for the suggestion