Fallsnine validator

Hi, i’m Edi Sutrisno, I am a crypto learner from Indonesia. I joined the crypto community since 2017. I have run many testnets and validator nodes from various projects for 5 years.
I also run node in several projects like SEI, Massa Labs, Tidefi. Of all the projects that i’ve been running to, I’m able to be qualified as a good and an experienced node operator.

My hope on this project is that I can be selected from the lucky 200 people, and if not possible the community can consider increasing the number of participants and rewarding everyone who has tried to run the node as a validator. because everyone has been willing to sacrifice time, thought, money and has provided personal data in the form of KYC to the community.

For Aptos Nodes i’m using:
4 vCPU Cores
500 GB NVMe