Fajrrmdhn Validator (Rewards)

Dear Community

Please let me introduce myself, My name is Fajar Ramadhan im from indonesia and live in indonesia too. Iam a crypto enthusiast, for about 2 years I have been a tester of all testnets starting from dex, NFT market and lending protocol. For the past month I have been focusing on running nodes and being a validator including Massa Labs, Masa finance, and Peaq Network. And precisely this time I focused on testing Aptos.

I understand that not everyone who tests Aptos AIT 2 will not get a reward, only 200 people will be selected, but I really hope that the developer will consider a small amount of incentive reward for all participants of this validator. because in my opinion everyone in the aptos community, especially the validators have provided excellent support and contributions, therefore it would be nice to give a gift as a form of appreciation to the aptos community.

Vote yes if the community agrees

Thankyou everyone

Discord : Aa Joji#7811
NODE : Fajrrmdhn