Faerune - Zealy competion NFT Rewards!

Hello team!

Today I’m going to share a community competition from Faerune,
Faerune is a great community with a nice roadmap already have some NFTs public like Celestials and more to come.

Petriky runs this project and started a competition around several aptos communities, like MAVRIK, Aptos Monkeys, etc.

There are 2 kind of competitions:
Sprints - each sprint has a short duration like 1 day, and you can get some nice NFTs like an Aptos Monkeys for today Sprint
General - sum of points of all sprints + some other task, to get some new rewards

I will share my link for the competition if you want to join, I only need one, so if you participate share yours and after someone joined yours edit it/or notify it and the next one can use a different link.

Anyway good luck there!!

And if you don’t participate check Celestials collection, soon will be a new collection related! :slight_smile:


nice info thanks