Facts about APTOS Part 1

1 Aptos. The most sensational blockchain of 2022. Start

Aptos is a new blockchain, the existence of which the crypto community found out only this summer, but they have already dubbed it the “Solana killer”, “the fastest blockchain in the world”, “the gem of this summer” and so on. Before its launch, there was a large-scale marketing campaign, distribution of tokens, testnets (by the way, our subscriber received $2400 in APT tokens for installing the node) and other interesting activities. But will this blockchain make its investors rich? And didn’t all the funds pledged for the project go to marketing? This is what we will try to find out in our material. Go!

Where did Aptos come from? It was originally created by former employees of a division that is part of the Meta* structure. This division has been creating Web 3.0 services for the largest social network for more than four years and developing the Libre blockchain, which was later renamed Diem, and then under pressure from regulators who were afraid that, due to the scale of Facebook*, the Diem cryptocurrency could undermine the sovereignty of their Central Banks, the Zuckerberg project was completely closed.

After the project was closed, the developers quit and decided to open their own startup. And this story would have ended like this: “another blockchain”, promising guys from large Web 2.0 companies, and so on, but Aptos was supported by the largest funds, which we will talk about a little further. This became the starting point in the development of the project. And then - the close attention of the crypto community, huge funds poured into marketing, and today thousands of traders look at the APT chart and wonder: short or long?

  1. Project team

So, the founders of the project - Mo Sheikh (CEO) - former Head of Meta* Partners, formerly of Consensys, BlackRock, Boston Consulting Group, and Avery Ching (CTO) former Chief Software Engineer, who led Meta*'s internal blockchain solutions, previously worked at Yahoo. They were both engaged in the aforementioned Diem project. There are a total of 89 employees registered in the company. Many of them have worked for the Nova Foundation and Robinhood. One of the leaders was doing strategic marketing at Facebook* (that’s where the legs of their marketing campaigns come from).

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