Excited about LENS transition to V2 mainnet

The Open Action is a new feature on len V2 that helps Lens apps work more smoothly. The V2 enables new types of social engagements and monetization relationships, Open Actions reaches a new milestone for composable social networking. With Open Actions you can “bring-your-own-smart contract" to perform external Web3 actions directly in Lens apps — creating a better user experience.
Lens Protocol V2 also demonstrates the power of composability by providing out-of-the-box support between profiles and ERC-6551.
For example, with Open Actions marketplaces like OpenSea, you can easily mint NFTs by clicking ‘mint’ on a Lens post, and it will use OpenSea’s contract to do that right within Lens.
other types of open action that can be created are;
*Buy and sell NFTs
*Join a DAO
*Donate with Gitcoin
*Buy land from Sandbox or Decentraland
*Get Whitelist
*Pay-to-Play a Game

It feels like a unification of social-fi and GameFi.
really looking forward to this