Ever experienced loss of tokens in Metamask?

I’ve been using Metamask for almost half a decade now and I’ve never experienced loss of token. The only thing I’ve experienced is glitches and bugs. However, I’ve heard of cases where Metamask is not secure to use as a lot of cases of lost assets have been reported. Personally I have a friend whose assets was swept a year ago. What do you think? Is Metamask a secured wallet or not?


Has nothing to do with MM, all browser wallets could be vulnerable since they are on your device and you connect them to a ton of different sites, apps etc. All is takes is clicking the wrong link to a website, which even more safe wallets, such as Rabby, won’t detect. Many lose funds due to signing a tx and giving permission without realizing the error, but that’s why these days you can use extensions that scan for you, such as pocket universe, and tell you before you approve.

Hardware wallets are the most secure by far.

I did have a wallet hacked and lost funds. Then that wallet got the arb drop and the hacker grabbed that too. It was before i was diligent. I think i clicked a bad website link but not certain.


No wallet is actually :100: secure. We are the chief security officer of our wallets. Don’t click unverified links, keep our seed phrases off the internet, don’t let friends and family know your seeds and you just might be fine.


Thanks for the reply… You’re right about the vulnerability of the wallets to phishing links. No wallet is that safe, we all just got to be more careful when signing in to any sites with our wallets.


Agree… I don’t think MM itself has an issue. Have you tried Rabby, though? It’s a MM alternative that offers a lot more info for each transaction you perform. I actually prefer it for ETH transactions.


I haven’t heard of it. But using a wallet that gives more detail on transactions you carry out sounds very interesting. I’ll surely give it a try

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