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In this topic, I would like to draw attention to the large-scale and local events held by Aptos. And tell you about the opportunity to organize and hold your event. Also about the possibility of receiving grants for events. And tell you about the events in which RangeNodes will act as an organizer or participant. The purpose of all of the above will be to popularize the Aptos ecosystem, attract developers, investors and users.


One of the events, or rather even an event that impressed me is Seoul Hack! High level of organization, cool speakers, participants, everything is on high level. The result is impressive - more than 50 projects are presented, as well as incredible ideas. I applaud!

In the second half of February, RangeNodes is also planning an event with the involvement of developers and IT specialists.


I hope it will be useful and interesting! There is still a lot of work ahead, a lot of announcements, a lot of cool and useful!


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Today we did not stand aside and held an event.
Developers, market specialists and designers gathered together to discuss further work on Aptos Blockchain and its development in our region.

The topics discussed were holding new events with a big number of members, involvement of new useful people to the Aptos community, organization of Hackathons.

This was the first Aptos event in Krasnodar held by RangeNodes. In the future, we plan to organize more and more events and meetings. See you in April!

Special thanks to everyone who participated!


Discord has already shown interest in participating in the event. Can you tell me what format of events might be interesting. Need feedback!


The next stop on the Aptos World Tour is AMSTERDAM, from June 5-7, 2023.

We can’t wait to see what the next batch of talented builders will come up with next!

This is another significant and interesting event! We are waiting!!!


A cool article where you can find useful information. Information about past and future events and much more from the world of Aptos.

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And here is a list of the main events…

02/27 - 02/28 - Interoperability Summit - Denver, CO
02/27 - 02/28 - Interoperability Summit - Denver, CO
02/27 - Denver Happy Hour w/ Dragonfly Registration: Aptos x Dragonfly Happy Hour · Luma
03/04 - Aptos House @ ETH Denver Registration: Aptos House @ ETH Denver · Luma

03/10 - 03/19 SXSW (details coming soon!)
03/20 - 03/24 GDC (details coming soon!)
04-12 - 04-14 NFT NYC
04/14 - 04/16 ETH Tokyo
04/26 - 04/28 Consensus 2023
05/01 - 05/04 Web Summit Rio
06/05 - 06/07 Aptos World Tour - Amsterdam Hackathon

The nearest one is Denver


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I missed important information (read the article)
That will make a great contribution to the development of the gaming industry in web 3.
Congratulations to the team and individual developers! You have taken another step towards the main goal of Aptos - create universal and fair access to decentralized assets for billions of people.


This is how Aptos NFT and Validator meetings, master classes and happy hour on deck take place!

I would like to hang out together, but maybe another time!


“From Interop Summit to APTOS HOUSE, we’re humbled by the strong Aptos community that showed up – ready to learn, build, and grow the ecosystem.”

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It’s cool when you see this! How do they manage everything?

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The next Aptos Move Monday - Women in Web3 Edition is here!

Celebrate Women’s History Month with special women of Web3 Aptos Move Monday takeover!

Join a lively chat across all realms of Web3 - from NFTs to Gaming to DeFi - and trade stories, pro-tips, alpha, and more with leaders making moves in those spaces.

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Don’t miss the Aptos x NBC Universal Free Renfield experience on April 14th at NFT NYC!

Brought to life on the Aptos blockchain, Free Renfield is a simple game all can play, but few will win! Come and try your luck and learn why Aptos is one of the most innovative platforms in the world right now.

Join us for a killer evening in Dracula’s Lair. Drinks, prizes, and scary-good photo opportunities await.

Get Tickets here

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Hello everyone!
I want to inform you that the planned event “Aptos Krd” is postponed. But I think we’ll be able to see each other soon. We’re planning a more significant and interesting event, that’s why this decision was made. Thank you for being with us!

Also in the near future we’ll be glad to introduce you to our new resource, we hope it will be useful and interesting!

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It is very helpful to aptos true lovers including me.