Ethereum scaling network arbitrum set for major upgtade

The Nitro upgrade will further improve the transaction fee crisis that has plagued the growth of the Ethereum network over the last two years.
Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Arbitrum is set to undergo one of its most significant upgrades on Wednesday, set to increase transaction throughput, slash transaction fees and simplify cross-chain communication between Arbitrum and Ethereum.

Referred to as the “Nitro” upgrade, Arbitrum reconfirmed the date of the upgrade in a Twitter post on Aug. 29, confirming that the upgrade will take effect on Aug. 31 at 10:30 AM Eastern Time, while noting a two to four hours of network downtime period is to be expected.
Abritrum is an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution that utilizes Optimistic Rollup technology to bundle large batches of transactions off-chain from Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized applications before submitting it to Ethereum.

According to Offchain Labs’ GitHub account, Nitro will represent a “fully integrated, complete layer 2 optimistic rollup system” that builds on Arbitrum One with newly improved fraud proofs, along with updated sequencers, token bridges and calldata compression mechanisms.

Offchain Labs is a blockchain-based company established in 2018 which builds a suite of Ethereum scaling solutions, with the Arbitrum One network being the most notable network deployed by the firm.

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