Ether mail airdrop

The Ethereum name service airdrop was worth above $10k

Now the ether mail service is upon us

@ethermail_io raised $7.3 million, with @TimDraper leading last funding round.

Steps on how to claim your free Web3 Email and get 250 EMC:

:wolf: ~ Go to EtherMail

:wolf: ~ Click on Sign up for Free and connect your wallet.

:wolf: ~ After connecting click on Next.

:wolf: ~ Input your regular email address e.g Gmail to earn +200 EMC and click NextContinue until “Thor Protocol Activated” appears. Click Retrieve Encryption Keys and approve

:wolf:~ Voila, you will +252 EMC tokens

You can use your metamask wallet for the entire process

These tokens may be worth a lot when they officially launch.


nice thread

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Thanks. More airdrop threads to come

We are all sleeping in ethermail. I have a good feeling for them.

Nice… already in