ETH Chain will be left behind

Ironically it seems that the most bullish things for ETH would be:

i) no bull market
ii) no massive demand in the crypto future, but some demand

if there is a bull market, I’m skeptical the L2s in their current state will be able to handle it

and if there’s massive demand in the future, ETH won’t be able to meet that demand without major reworks

even with danksharding fully live in 3-4 years, it still requires you to be somewhat pessimistic and bounded in terms of future crypto usage

there is no elastic scalability, there are very well known hard caps.

What do y’all think?

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Ethereum’s scalability concerns remain a topic of discussion within the community. It’s a balancing act between optimism for advancements and acknowledging the existing limitations.

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Ethereum will be left behind keep playing

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