Errors ran the first d-app(hello_blockchain) sample. Setmodules and m.abi

After publish the hello_blockchain module.
Carry on going with the sample, and encountered the following errors.
Anyone knows how to fix it?

Argument of type ‘Dispatch<SetStateAction<MoveModule>>’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘(value: MoveModuleBytecode) => void | PromiseLike’.
Types of parameters ‘value’ and ‘value’ are incompatible.
Type ‘MoveModuleBytecode’ is not assignable to type ‘SetStateAction<MoveModule>’.
Type ‘MoveModuleBytecode’ is not assignable to type ‘MoveModule’.
Type ‘MoveModuleBytecode’ is missing the following properties from type ‘MoveModule’: address, name, friends, exposed_functions, structsts(2345)

Property ‘abi’ does not exist on type ‘MoveModule’