Enhanced Guide AIT3 - How to create you own node for Aptos Incentivized Testnet 3 using Docker Compose

Hello guys!

We have implemented this documentation on how to create your own node for AIT3 using docker compose. Of course it is relevant to the existing documentation of the community, but also it includes some more technical points with much more details by showing how we encountered some problems that many of people had on their side during installation and registration process.

Please have a look and share your feedback.

It 's cool that you have prepared such a document, but it just seems to me that it is not relevant since the time for registration is over !

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thanks for sharing!

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Actually me and @subzero the coauthor, have uploaded on discord some times, in #node-support channel, and we forgot to put it here unfortunatelly. We have prepared it at the beginning of the process but we forgot to post on the community forum. In any case it will be used for the future probably AIT4. The documentation won’t change so much.