Engagement hub for the Aptos community in Turkey

The aim of the project is to reach people living in Turkey and interested in crypto. Telling them about the Aptos ecosystem

*** STRATEGY ***
We made a very serious presentation of Aptos in Turkey.
There is no one left who has not heard of the Aptos ecosystem.
To bring together people who are devoted to the Aptos ecosystem.
To provide a communication between these people who will come together.
Translating current data and information about Aptos into Turkish
For this, making frequent posts on the @aptos_turkiye twitter account and Telegram: Contact @aptosturkiye telegram channel on social media.


Twitter : aptos_Turkiye
Telegram : aptosturkiye
Web : Soon

We are currently serving on social media via @aptos_Turkiye twitter and Telegram: Contact @aptosturkiye telegram channel.
I am also the owner of @muallimin_biri Twitter account


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