Email has already been taken but there is a more important issue

I want to draw the attention of the community to one problem. There is a problem with authorization through a Google account on the Aptoslabs website, this is not a user problem, but a website problem. All my messages in the Discord remained unanswered, the messages of other people also did not receive any attention. Moreover, the problem is still not solved. I know the airdrop period is over and I don’t expect to receive it, even though I didn’t receive it due to technical issues with Aptoslabs, but I’m worried that instead of fixing the problem, team just ignore it and pretended nothing happened.
This is the wrong way.


Maybe you can try to bring this to the attention of a discord mod by DM. Otherwise try the #suggestions channel. I am not sure if this is the correct route to take, but it may help. Sorry that you are experiencing this issue.