Educator Guidelines

Guides and Guidelines for Aptos Educators

Hey everyone, I’d like to kickstart the process of showing community members how they can contribute to the ecosystem, what benefits there are for contributors, and which guidelines they should follow. Feel free to jump in so that we can co-create these guidelines. Nothing is set in stone, this guide lives from your contributions!

Why Contribute to Aptos?

Aptos is building the safest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain. By delivering the most production-ready blockchain, Aptos will give billions of people around the world fair and universal access to decentralized assets.

At the core of Aptos lies the vision to empower billions of people around the world to receive universal and fair access to decentralized assets.

Aptos is not an interchangeable, centralized organization, it is a decentralized movement! Everyone is welcome to become a co-creator of the Aptoverse and to play a key role in shaping the way we empower billions around the world.

Key Benefits for Educators

There are many key benefits for contributors that go the extra mile for Aptos, such as:

  • Collaborate with industry leaders and the dedicated Aptos Labs team packed with brilliant researchers, PhDs, designers, engineers, and strategists that have years of experience in developing and deploying blockchain systems at scale
  • Proactively shape the future of Aptos and the way it impacts billions around the world
  • Work on challenging and exciting projects that help you to learn new skills and to build an attractive portfolio
  • Get exclusive access to Aptos Labs team members
  • Network with like-minded investors, VCs, advisors, and community members that share your interest in helping Aptos to realize its vision
  • Become part of a movement of innovators, thinkers, rebels, and thought-leaders. Experience first hand how the Aptoverse is shaped and how starts impacting the entire world
  • Receive swag rewards and exclusive POAPs
  • Be the first to learn about upcoming news
  • Get access to events hosted by Aptos and crypto conventions

How to Contribute to Aptos?

Aptos seeks to empower billions around the world to receive universal and fair access to decentralized assets. You can become part of the Aptos movement by helping us to co-create the Aptoverse. With your contribution, you can play a key role in shaping the way how individuals world wide access and interact with Web3 and decentralized assets.

Aptos is a community-driven movement and everyone is welcome to participate in co-creating the Aptoverse.

There are many different ways you can contribute to Aptos. Many roles and initiatives in the Aptoverse are provisional, meaning that we are working right now on defining these pathways so that they can take full shape as they are not yet fully defined. This introduces great opportunities for you, as you can co-create your role as a contributor in the ecosystem, how you participate, and on which initiatives you work on.

Feel free to explore the opportunities outlined in the following to see what aligns with your interests and your skillset.

Contribution Pathways

Contributor Program

The contributor program is an ideal opportunity for interested community members to start exploring different ways of contributing to Aptos. Participants of the program can choose between different options that are tailored to a wide variety of skill sets and interests.

There are two central ways to contribute to the contributor program. You can either proactively propose project ideas and start working on these once approved or, alternatively, you can apply to work on tasks and projects that the coordinators of the program have proposed.

The contributor program is structured into different pathways:

  • Governance & DAO: For community members interested in helping Aptos to establish the structures for governing the Aptos ecosystem in a decentralized way
  • Developers: For community members wishing to utilize the Move programming language and all those seeking to contribute to the development of the Aptos blockchain
  • Node Operators: Participants that either wish to start running a node, are already running a node, or would like to provide documentation/tooling/education centered on nodes
  • Builders: For entrepreneurs and developers interested in building on Aptos
  • Content & Education: For participants wishing to create educational materials and content

Aptos Academy

The Aptos Academy is a community-driven initiative designed to provide educational resources, training, interactive courses, and certifications to the ecosystem. As such, the academy provides new ecosystem members a seamless onboarding experience and helps existing members in accelerating their learning curve about Aptos and Move.

Becoming a contributor to the Aptos Academy is the right choice for you if you are passionate about education and if you love breaking down complex subjects into simple parts that are easily understood by your students. In the ideal scenario, you are a domain expert in a given area, such as the Move programming language, operating a node, Aptos, governance, etc.

Community Support & Moderation

Dedicated community members can actively contribute to Aptos by joining and participating in its official channels on different platforms, such as Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. There are many different ways you can participate in these channels (please note that some of these roles have not yet been established and may require you to actively contribute towards establishing them):

  • Q&A Taskforce: Members who help answer questions of community members
  • Onboarding Specialists: Members who welcome new members and help them in getting started with Aptos
  • Moderator: Members who help moderating chats to ensure the community is a safe and welcoming place
  • Local Language Moderator: Members whose mother tongue is not English that help in moderating and coordinating a local language community of Aptos

Tech Support

Members with a technical background can contribute by helping developers, builders, and node operators with technical questions. These contributors act as mentors that play a key part in onboarding technical community members by ensuring that developers and builders are provided with the knowledge and resources necessary to successfully build on Aptos.

Security Audits and Bug Hunting

Another possible way to contribute to Aptos is to help in improving the security of different aspects of the ecosystem, such as the Aptos Discord server, and/or to identify critical bugs in the Aptos blockchain.

Outreach, Advocacy, and Social Media Task Force

One critical component for the success of Aptos is to reach out to its target audience of developers and projects that may benefit from building upon the Aptos blockchain. As such, contributors can reach out to developers and projects to show them the advantages Aptos offers. Additionally, members of the social media task force monitor discussions in social media outlets and engage in focused discussions with the goal of advocating for Aptos.

Developer Advocacy

Developer Advocates play a critical role in helping developers in successfully getting started with Aptos and to have a seamless onboarding experience. As such, community members interested in contributing as Developer Advocates act as a bridge between the Aptos Labs engineering team and the dev community of the Aptoverse.

Aptos Hackathons

In May 2022, Aptos hosted its first in-person hackathon in its office in Palo Alto. The hackathons are an ideal opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and developers building on Aptos. For new community members, these hackathons also offer the opportunity to learn more about the Move programming language and to get feedback and advice from core team members of Aptos Labs.


Community members interested in helping Aptos to establish the structures for governing the Aptos ecosystem in a decentralized way can participate in the ecosystem’s governance work.

Meetups and Workshops

Skilled teachers and domain experts within the community are a good fit for hosting meetups and workshops for different target audiences.

General Guidelines for Contributors

Community contributors help to build the community-driven infrastructure serving as a portal into decentralized assets and web3 four people all across the world. As a contributor, you have the unique opportunity to shape the Aptoverse with contributions that directly impact individuals all over the world, the web3 community, and the future of the Aptos ecosystem.

In the following, we have prepared some guidelines and tips to help you in contributing high-quality work to the ecosystem.

  1. Be collaborative – In the Aptoverse, we all win together.
  2. Add value – Have an impact on the community
  3. Strive for greatness – Put your heart and soul into your creation
  4. Strategize – Have a vision for what you are creating and a concept for making that vision a reality
  5. Stand out – Be original, genuine, creative and adding value to the ecosystem
  6. Challenge yourself – Overcome your boundaries
  7. Do something you’ve never done before
  8. Approach coordinators – Aptos Coordinators can help you in quickly getting started and will also show you the type of work you can engage in
  9. Have your target audience in mind – Build products and create works that your target audience benefits from
  10. Quality > Quantity – It’s not about how much you contribute but the quality of your contributions
  11. Expertise – Contributors don’t have to be well known, all that matters is that you have the required expertise
  12. Go the extra mile – Make a special effort to help us in making the Aptoverse a reality

Looking forward to your feedback!


That’s what I’m talk about!! We must clearly understand what Stefan has stated and bring it to the whole APTOS COMMUNITY
I also think it is important to convey to everyone who contribute to Aptos - that we are contributing to Aptos and not make advertising for ourselves through Aptos
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Training and the concept of basic information - plays a very important role in the development of every project. That’s why we need to do our best to make our community Aptos develop and start to understand the basics. :rocket:


Stefan - this is AWESOME. I really appreciate this guide as it is clear and concise. One thing i’ve noticed is the great ideas posted by the community, but they struggle to be executed. Having this guide in place sets the framework for taking these “visions” and turning them into a reality.

ps - would love to meet up with some community members!


Thank you! The information is interesting and useful. I just don’t understand what it does PFPs (Contributors - Predefined tasks - RFPs)!



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Absolutely, feel free to reach out via Discord by sending me a friend request: SpaceTraveler#3020.

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I am a teacher I can contribute to create content about aptoz and ecosystems such as topaz and provide knowledge about programming using move, I have an idea to make a discussion in the form of a seminar among university students


Wonderful! Thanks for your interest!


“Receive swag rewards and exclusive POAPs” sounds good!

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