Ecosystem Projects


What about if our community post here ecosystem projects which they really like and describe why they like it.

And which projects did you already test and where do you want contribute?

What kind of project would you like see in our ecosystem?

Also feel free to introduce your projects.
Would love to discuss it here. :slight_smile:


Great idea sir

  1. I really like the idea of the Mover project. This is a first bridge between EVM networks and Aptos. I think connecting Aptos and Ethereum Virtual Machine is very important for the ecosystem because EVM has an incredible amount of liquidity.
    This project is similar to Moonbeam (bridge between Polkadot and EVM)
    It has a great future!

  2. I tested DEX Pontem and their Pontem Wallet.
    All features work fine. site is very light and doesn’t heat up the device.
    Beyond that, we really like the UI/UX interface that is transparent and flexible and of course supported by attractive designs such as supple and delicious.
    Fantastic project with great potential. The team’s dedication and ingenuity with excellent fan support will make this the envy of the crypto world!

  3. I would like to see social networks on Aptos. I think it will be pretty cool for the ecosystem!

  4. I would like to create a project on Aptos that will check all NFTs through an algorithm for uniqueness and flag copies.
    After that, it will be possible to integrate with marketplaces and launch the project completely!


I think your idea to create a project on Aptos that will check all NFTs through an algorithm for uniqueness and flag copies it’s a great idea. I wish you good luck. :rocket:


I think it’s a good idea :smile:


Aptos forum is almost social network!)


Decentralized forum. Next level :grinning:

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It seems to me that the developers have concentrated on a few areas, paying insufficient attention to others.
For example, there is huge competition among wallets, DEXs, NFTs at the moment, with some other areas not touched at all


Ecosystem is only begin :100: :rocket:


Nobody interested?

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interesting, just not everyone knows that their opinion is interesting here!

That is will be awesome. It’ll keep people engaging here.

If no one wants to, I’ll tell you about myself, I really like DEX Pontem Network, and not because I’m an Ambassador there, but the testnet itself is very well done at the moment
First of all, the transactions there are lightning fast.
Secondly, the design is pleasing to the eye.
Thirdly, the team wants to hear their community’s opinion and they interact with it.
I followed the project a long time ago when it was supposed to be parachain on Kusama (Polkadot).

What about what kind of project would you like to see in our ecosystem?
It’s certainly not a project that would be in the Aptos Ecosystem, but something like MoveMarketCap or even DotMarketCap.
That’s what my team Kris Moris, Kartaviy and I are doing for the Aptos project and its community (our website is
Where everyone who would be interested in Aptos ecosystem could find information about Aptos Ecosystem, their prices/TVL/Investors/Total Supply etc. :heart: :handshake: :fire:


The idea look awesome,I think it is helpful

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It is both awesome idea and helpful.

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Its a good idea

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Suree Man​:ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Really interesting

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It is so good that the community likes it.

coool! i think APT will be the lead of Blockchain soon, LFG!!!

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