Economics guru predicts Ethereum to rise to $10,000 and competitors to rise

Former Goldman Sachs chief executive Raul Pal believes Ethereum is destined to reach a five-figure price in the next bull market, but some of ETH’s main competitors will surpass it.

ETH is the money of the internet. And I don’t think they will lose that status, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best player… We have Sui, Aptos hasn’t been fully exploited yet. We need to see the network effects. Solana, I think, is aiming for the widest adoption, making it consumer-friendly… Polugon, a great group, what are they doing? They attract a lot of people. They have a huge bandwidth, it’s very interesting. Sui hasn’t even hit the market yet, and it’s a more dynamic, incredible team. However, ETH is the easiest way because it probably has the least risk.

The macro expert has outlined a rough target price for ETH of around $10,000, primarily because of the good potential.

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