Easy steps to get badges

Collection of badges made easy

A. Login with your Discord or Gmail.
B. As you interact with the platform you get badges, example to get a badge for the first like, first reaction, or first comment just perform the particular task on this post, like this post to get a badge for THE FIRST LIKE BADGE, comment on this post to get a badge for the FIRST COMMENT BADGE and as well react on this post to get the FIRST REACTION BADGE and etc. Summarizing, doing any of the below task gives you a badge.

A. like this post with a heart. :heart:
B. emoji this post. :smiling_face:
C. quote this post.
D. share this post via email.
E. throw any link in the comment.
F. filled out profile information.
G. reach trust level 1.
H. create a new post.
I. edit this post by adding emoji to it.
J. drop your post below in replies and i’ll post like it.
K. use 50 likes in a day :sweat_smile:


Good happy

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i got it @testnajd


Easy steps😊 thank you


Try this

What’s a reaction? just an heart emoji? :confused:


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Lgf Hey you there

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