Earning badges for Aptos airdrop made easy!

Are you interested in earning some badges on Aptos? Are you a newbie and you don’t know how to earn badges easily? There are several easy ways to do so:

-Like this topic to earn the First Like Badge
-Reply to this topic with an emoji to earn the Fist Emoji Badge
-Edit your reply above to earn the Editor Badge
-Select any words or sentence in this post, hold, then click “quote” to earn the First Quote Badge
-Fill out your profile to earn the Autobiographer Badge
-Click this link to read the guidelines and earn the Read Guidelines Badge: FAQ - Aptos 2
-Reply to this topic and mention someone to earn the First Mention Badge
-Share this post to earn the First Share Badge
-Give 50 likes in a day to earn the Out Of Love Badge
-Receive a like to earn the Welcome Badge (I’ll like all the replies!)