Earn from Amnis Finance

I will like it that has we’re learning, we like earn along with it…
There is a new project on Aptos Network named Amnis Finance they just completed there testnet where they would reward all there participants…
Did you miss the testnet? No problem… There are still more oppotunities to earn from the platform There Zealy is still much available.

They’ve prepared a series of special quests for us on Zealy, which you can find by clicking the ‘Mainnet’ button on Zealy!

This series of quests brings in massive amounts of XP and a higher chance of receiving exclusive benefits from Amnis Finance!

Early birds catch the worms!
So, what are you waiting for?

:arrow_right: Explore there brand new Zealy Quest now: Zealy - Join the movement

:arrow_right: Join Amnis Finance Mainnet here: https://stake.amnis.finance/