Earn ARB token for free

:o::sparkles:Swaprum $ARB Airdrop :sparkles::o:

:arrow_right: Go to Web Swaprum - Next Generation Decentralized Exchange

:heavy_minus_sign: Click Get Free ARB

:heavy_minus_sign: Paste Code on Bot

:heavy_minus_sign: Complete Task

:heavy_minus_sign: Claim After 100%

:heavy_minus_sign: Done.


this is good

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Intresting. I will try this.

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Very suss!!

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is this for real? don’t click links guys… better to be safe than sorry.
Lost half my portfolio 0.5ETH to a hacker… and it doesn’t feel good.


What happened to
The badges!!

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Very less amount, more work needed. Every one :clock130: hour.

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how to get badges mate?