Earn 2 $APT per mint with SeaShrine

At SeaShrine NFT marketplace, the competition goes on!

-Earn 2 $APT for each mint that uses your referral code!
-Win one of the 2 SeaShrine VIP NFTs + $SeaCrystal Airdrop scoring highest at the leaderboard
-Allow your friends to mint a VIP NFT for 7 $APT instead of 13!!!

Create and share your code now at: SeaShrine VIP Mint | SeaShrine Marketplace

Learn more about our competition here: Referral Codes arrive to the Shrine | by SeaShrine | Feb, 2023 | Medium


Can’t believe this


You can check the competition out via our link :slight_smile: Of course feel free to do your own diligence before taking any actions as well as join our community before anything else, i’m sure anyone there will be glad to help you out learning more about SeaShrine :slight_smile: