Early Access to Waitlist - INFINEX Retrodrop

nfinex is a decentralized derivatives trading platform (similar to DYDX) supported by Synthetix and Optimism. It will provide features similar to centralized exchanges (CEXs)

What should be done?

:heavy_check_mark: Connect the voltage and get the point

You can earn Infinex governance points by locking your tokens or proving your trade history.

The team
will launch a perp dex
which will give you points based on a series of previous activities to participate in governance, such as:

  • The volume of your trade in Dex like Uniswap
  • Trade volume in exchange like Mexc
  • SNX stick

Oct 23 - Governance Point Farming Close
Oct 24 - Nominations Close, Elections Open
Oct 31 - Elections Close You can vote on October 24.
Maybe later these points or participation in governance will be considered a type of points


Thank you for sharing this with us

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