DuckWorks | Play-To-Earn on Aptos

Hello. We want to introduce you to Duck Works, a play-to-earn game on the Aptos blockchain. Explore different professions and pump up your skills to earn rewards in $WORK tokens

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  • Team

Duck Works development team consists of 27 people from Ireland. The team has extensive experience in commercial development of smart contracts and web games in polygon, wax, solana. Duck Works is the first standalone project that the team works hard on 7 days a week.

  • Roadmap

October-November 2022 - website launch, social media and genesis release of Duck Works collection

December 2022 - alpha test launch, public beta test, Duck Works genesis collection launch, WorkDAO launch

January-March 2023 - main game release, multichain development, Duck Works main collection launch, $WORK token launch

April-December 2023 - release of new updates, adding cosmetic elements

  • Game goals.

We want to develop the game industry on the Aptos blockchain to attract new audiences. Our goals are to be in the top 5 of the most popular blockchain games, to achieve which we do extra interactivity and player engagement. The main difference between DuckWorks and other games is all the functionality of the game on smart contracts, the value of the core collection and the ability to develop in different directions.

Thank you for your attention, join us, the ducks are waiting for their owners


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