DotOracle - the multichain bridge and Oracle network on Aptos

  • Project Name / Organization: DotOracle
  • Project Description: Realtime decentralized Oracle and Cross-chain liquidity network for EVM, non EVM (Casper, Near, Aptos) and L2 blockchains.

Our main product:

  • Decentralized liquidity bridge secured by a fast multi-party computation protocol governed by a network of validators

  • Decentralized NFT bridge that allows users to transfer NFTs between multiple chains, including EVM and non-EMV chains such as Casper, Near, and Aptos

  • A fast and low cost oracle data provider operated by a decentralized network of validators

Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem:

  • As we know, Aptos ecosystem is still in development progress, lacking many important pieces to become a powerful ecosystem. One of them is a bridge which connects and attracts users and assets from the whole blockchain world to a specific chain.
  • DotOracle bridge to bring liquidity from other chains, thus triggering more on-chain activities such as DEX & Lending, which is an essential contribution to Aptos Ecosystem.
  • By decentralized open-source, other projects continue to create new utilities and have the tools to integrate them into any project on the Aptos Ecosystem.
  • In addition, as Web3 has become more and more popular, NFT projects will be necessary pieces for an ecosystem. DotOracle NFT bridge will be launching and allow NFTs and GameFi users from other chains to migrate to Aptos, thus exploring these potentials of Aptos


  • We build a secure and fast multichain bridge that supports not only fungible assets, but also non fungible assets on different chains. The bridge is secured by a fast multi-party computation protocol operated by a decentralized network of validators. The number of validators can be increased easily to increase the decentralization level and security of the bridge, while still ensuring the speed of the bridge
  • We’d like to become one of the pioneering bridges that support emerging potential blockchains such as Aptos, Sui, Casper for fungible and non-fungible assets
  • Our goal is to develop and maintain the bridge, improve UX frequently to onboard more users onto those supported emerging chains
  • We also aim to be a major oracle service provider on Aptos and other emerging chains
  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline: Test net is coming soon
  • Team: We have strong team with more than 7 year- experiences in Web 3 and blockchain

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It seems to me that such a serious proposal should be described in more detail somehow, since this is a very serious proposal, but at the same time such a strange approach (

Thanks for your feedback. I just updated some info about our project.

Good morning DotOracle Team, if there is an opportunity, we would like to partner with you.
I and my Team have created a website and it will be updated and improved in the future (we have many plans for our website)
You can see on the website all projects built on Move (Aptos Ecosystem in this case) its description, links and future plans to add price, charts, capitalisation, etc. (we have a lot of plans).
For more information about the partnership please PM me if you are interested.

I received your message through our official twitter. We will keep discussing on it.
Thank you