Don't Miss Out on the Tabi Airdrop!

The steps on how to participate in the Tabi airdrop:

  1. Go to the ( link Tabi ) Tabi website and click on the “Airdrop” button.

  2. Connect your wallet to the Tabi website.

  3. Complete the Sailor Quest, Reddit Quest, and Invite Quest.

  4. Wait for the Tabi team to airdrop your rewards.

Click Here to participate Airdrop: Tabi

Here are more details about each quest:

  • Sailor Quest: This quest requires you to verify your Discord and Twitter accounts, follow Tabi on Twitter, and connect your wallet to the Tabi website.
  • Reddit Quest: This quest requires you to join the Tabi subreddit, verify your Reddit account, and post a comment in the airdrop thread.
  • Invite Quest: This quest requires you to invite at least 5 people to participate in the airdrop.

The Tabi airdrop is open to everyone, but there are a limited number of rewards available. So, if you’re interested in participating, I recommend doing so as soon as possible.

Here are some additional tips for participating in the Tabi airdrop:

  • Make sure you use a supported wallet. The Tabi airdrop is only supported by a limited number of wallets. So, make sure you use a wallet that is supported before you connect it to the Tabi website.
  • Keep your wallet safe. Once you have connected your wallet to the Tabi website, make sure you keep your wallet safe. Do not share your private keys with anyone.
  • Be patient. The Tabi team is still working on the airdrop. So, it may take some time for you to receive your rewards.

I’ve the Tabi airdrop elsewhere before, i think it’s time to participate :thinking::thinking:


Yes it’s right time

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Where do people get all the invites from? Are they setting up tons of email addresses?:smiley: