Dont Miss $Ace Airdrop .... it might get huuggeeeee

Another project i’ve been following lowkey and i think you should too

Crypto gaming is a big part of the ecosystem

1/ Earn Pulse points to be able to mint the NFT Astral Access Key 1 which is a Steam beta test key access code Pulse are event credits, pulse can be earned by: - Sharing referral links, - Holding Fusionist NFTs, - Completing Twitter tasks - Consuming [$ACE]

2/ Pulse points holders will be ranked as following:

  • Rank 1–100: Astral Key 1 whitelist and beta test access

  • Rank 101–500: 170 players are whitelisted based on the referral link value

Key 1 is going to mint on the ETH chain will be tradeable on Binance NFT/Opensea etc

3/ Your Pulse holdings and collected NFTs will determine the amount of [$ACE] airdropped Having over a certain amount of pulse can earn you the Pulse Reactor (3 Levels), which will increase your [$ACE]
4/ We wish the best of luck to all players! Commonly asked questions: What is $ACE:… What is Endurance:…


(launching in 1h from this post): | The Fusionist's Mainnet with the goal of Engage to Earn
Register : Endurance | The Fusionist's Mainnet with the goal of Engage to Earn


Join their Discord for information : Fusionist