Domain names USE

What can domain names be used for?

Is there documentation on working with domain names?


when sending tokens, instead of the wallet address, enter the domain name📌


Websites can also be developed on crypto-domains. They are associated with Web3 as they are both being marketed as decentralized platforms.


As a web3 platforms they can be used on many purposes. One of which is to cut the use of a long Alphanumeral strings of crypto wallet addresses and instead use a short domain name to receive values.


Being nft’s they are also censorship resistant! Only the holder of the keys can edit the data on the site! This is huge!


maybe retrodop

this is your pass to WEB 3, which makes it easy to find you. And perhaps, if you remember what the web domain market was like at the beginning of the century, this is an opportunity to make money on brands.

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