Do you know?🤔 Mining

Do you know that you can make in crypto through mining??

Projects like PI,reminto and core people make some bucks from the project and this project started the new meta of earning some bucks through mining.

Now there are so many projects launching that can you can earn some $$$$ through mining
Projects like ICE and AVIVE

Ice is the new digital currency you can mine for free Using ur phone. #iceNetwork is designed to empower your independence and freedom!

:coin: You can earn ice coins without draining your battery, processing power, or anything else!
:calling: No need to invest money - just grab your phone and start earning!

Hi :snowman_with_snow: Snowman! Join my team on ice and receive 10 ice coins when you sign-up using my referral code: ice - The global currency reset

Register with the link above

You can also register for Avive using this link :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:

#Avive - Proof Of Networking Protocol
If you missed #BTC and #ETH, do not miss #Avive
:point_right:Click this link to register


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Thanks info bro

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thanks good info bro