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Firstly i’d like to say good work to everyone in this platform, y’all have been the reason why this space still keeps being alive cause y’all have been engaging and interacting with posts and people so they’d understand what they don’t know and helping out the best way that you can with information that are very helpful… Kudos to y’all on that. It’s been an amazing journey and i’d tell you that it’s still going to be an amazing journey as well as long as we keep it up, doing what we’ve been doing and not relenting on it.

We all know that APTOS second airdrop is just around the corner and it’s very much approaching fast and i’d like to believe almost everyone in here if not all has done mostly what they can do so to be eligible for the airdrop. If you’ve not done anything yet, i’d best advise you that you should start doing that now cause it’s ALMOST TIME and i’m sure you don’t want to be left out. So you should check out posts or writeups on the platform about how to secure a spot for the coming airdrop and do that fast. True, some of what’s been dropped isn’t guaranteed that it’s from a reliable source but that’s just cause there hasn’t been any hint or source given out about it, so those that shared anything on here, shared what they believe or think would be criteria based on their experience. so do check them out, make do of what’s necessary before it’s too late. And if you’ve any insights you feel might be part of the criteria that’d be required, kindly share in the comment section. Thank you for taking your time reading, do have a lovely day and don’t forget to hit the like button i’d appreciate that.


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