Do I take part in the Testnet to make Money or to Learn

The fact that so many individuals are adopting blockchain technology as a source of transactions is the primary reason why the value of the US dollar has been steadily declining. The future is today, as evidenced by what we are currently seeing. In a recent essay, I lamentably discussed how testnet involvement appeared to be pointless because of the network builder’s concealed nature of init, which gave the whale a significant amount of responsibility to run the market without being aware of the network’s history or goals. The testnet hunters are more educated about learning about the project’s history and goals as they participate, which helps them learn. Different perspectives and tensions about how humans were created, as well as the need for selection, are what sparked research and concern about losing — both of which invariably result in a natural offspring known as greed.
Start by focusing on the expansion of financial research.


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Some days, I like to pretend, I’m n it solely for the Tech, but today, I choose to be truthful. So hear me and hear me well : I love and support what blockchain and cryptography is doing but without the " MASSIVE UPSIDE POTENTIAL" I probably won’t be here

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