DNT-APTOS Node, experiment validator and why vote for us

We have an experiment in running previous project. 5 years in crypto market and 1 year of running node for projects as below:

  1. QUAI node
  2. SUI node
  3. KYVE node
  4. STARKNET node
  5. SWELL node
  6. SISUI node

Organization: DNT
Website: www.dnt.com.vn
Location: Vietnam
Languages: English

  • Technical Details (maybe just a paragraph about infrastructure)

Server type: VPS L SSD
Location: Dusseldorf (EU)
CPU: 8 vCPU Cores

Thanks for your voting
Kind regards and Besh wish


I know your team, and very Impresive!!

Thanks mr @simon101019 for your strong support.

I am so sad to take part in aptos project so late, now I have not enough time to running node. Hope to AIT3 I can onboard

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Which community are you come from? Pls dm me link for a corporation. I have a idea for join together.

Yours sincerely,

You can use this configuration of Cloud VPS, it smooth and running node good bacground, I have run with 6 node already and have not any trouble of suspend time.

Aptos node I use this package

good job sir. Have a nice day

Thanks, your strong support make us more encourage and confident for more and more projects.

Best regards, :grinning:

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Pls use international language sir.

I have shared on my twt, hope to support your node a some votes from my friends https://twitter.com/FreeCadBlocks/status/1544939805267869697

Great work. Try work hard ser

vote for you.have a good time

Have you got avatar for proffesional profile?

Vote for DNT node

Great, mate ! Voted for you and team already. Good luck !

Amazing ser! Try your best!

Thanks ser, I need to try more and more

I think it a good time to experience with aptos testnet before investing for future. And node testing is the best way of understand this project.

Great ser, try it more and day by day 1% increase everyday. Successful for hard try.

Nice keep the good work going