Ditto Finance + CREW3 Tasks (Stake+Discount 50% in DTO Sale)


Official Post:

Premining Rewards Are Live!!!

When you stake stAPT or stAPT LP tokens at https://stake.dittofinance.io/rewards you’ll earn Premining Rewards which can be redeemed for our upcoming DTO governance token at a 50% discount:fire1:

Here’s what you need to do:

:point_right:t3: Step 1

:point_right:t3: Step 2

:point_right:t3: Step 3

  • EARN :moneyrain:
  • stAPT ~15% APR :droplet: stAPT-APT ~20% APR :droplet: stAPT-USDC ~25% APR
  • (note, the rewards will be adjusted daily to stay close to these rates even as TVL changes)

Of note: - There is no lockup for stAPT or LP token staking in our premining program; you can withdraw at any time. - However, your premining rewards are not tradeable and stay locked in the staking system until the premining program ends and the DTO token launches. There’s nothing you need to do except sit back and let your rewards stack up! And remember, while everyone who stakes will get premining rewards , our @Ditto OGs will receive an additional 25% bonus to premining rewards at the end of the premining program! - If you’re an OG already, there’s nothing you need to do now . We’ll get your wallet addresses at a later date. - If you’re not an OG yet , don’t worry! If you achieve the @Ditto OGs role by the end of the premining program, ALL of your accrued rewards will get the 25% bonus! -
To get your OG, join our Community Program at:
Crew3 Tasks: CREW³ | The #1 operating system for web3 communities
Discord: Ditto
Steps: https://twitter.com/Ditto_Finance/status/1584734159225835521


I have always wanted to fall in love with a DEFI project and DITTO is now my love moving forwards. Thankfully, more members will enjoy Ditto :wink:


But we need straight love airdrop sent soon


@apto777 thank you

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everything will be fine, we must believe!

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Love you Ditto

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good project, thanks @especialista for share

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Hello ,i can’t unstakeon this page from telephone,why?

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go check that guys !!!

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