Discover zkLink's multi-chain ecosystem


Discover zkLink’s multi-chain ecosystem, join us on social media, and get whitelisted to earn 60 zkLink Loyalty Points!

We want to prove to you multi-chain trading can be easy, fast, and safe. zkLink’s zero-knowledge tech unifies, simplifies, and secures trading on different blockchains and rollups.

Complete a few social tasks, explore our ecosystem dApps, and you will be whitelisted to receive the points at the end of the Quest.

What are zkLink Loyalty Points?

They will lead to our community receiving lots of future prizes and rewards. Help build our community, and trade on our dApps to earn more. Learn more about our loyalty points system.

How can I get more zkLink Loyalty Points?

Try to maximize your points here on Soquest, then multiply your earnings on the “one-stop” zkLink Summer Tour →


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