Digital Safari for AIT2 Validator (please)!

Hello everyone!

My name is Steve, I live in California and speak English and Kiswahili. As my title suggests, I’ve been on a digital safari in the crypto scene for 2 years now. My journey so far has taken me from mining Bitcoin, to Defi, the so-called “node” projects that aren’t really nodes (lol), and finally settling me on projects that bring actual utility and that are anchored in real-world practicalities. Which is why I’ve been enthusiastically following this project for about 2 months now both on Discord and externally online.

From a technical perspective, I’m currently invested in and manage a couple of decentralized cloud data hosting crypto projects that I believe have prepared me to run an enterprise such as AIT2, requiring technical knowledge, attention to detail, reliability, personal commitment and investment in the requisite hardware & software. Which is why I recently registered my small business called…you guessed it!..Digital Safari, LLC to consolidate, streamline and scale operations in data and potentially blockchain management. I look forward and hope for the opportunity of a lifetime as a AIT2 validator/node operator, but in any event, my continued support and involvement in the Aptos blockchain well into the future. And of course, I wish everyone else similar good fortune! Thank you.