Did you get the $APT airdrop? More is on the way

1. Here is a picture of the total amount meant for the community from the initial circulating supply.

2.Here is the total amount that was airdropped Last year by the Aptos Foundation as stated by Binance. Compare the two supply you would understand that a whopping sum of 480M Tokens will still be made available to the community, Bit by bit

3.From my findings, Aptos will still use the same pattern it used in the first airdrop, but now, it will take more deep recognition of the real active community.This is not a Retroactive Airdrop or some sort where you will burn money or create volume to get in.

4.It might be through getting the Aptos Community Badge.
How to??
First Head over to Aptos
Log in on the top right side, with the old account that you used to claim your first airdrop.

5.If you are new, you can register with either your discord or your email. Make sure the discord account uses the same email as the one you register with, or you might encounter serious issues while trying to register. Create a Unique username, and verify your email.

6. Next is to fill and register your bio completely as seen in the image below. Tap on the image, and make sure to increase your laptop or phone brightness to be able to see clearly. Fill in your bio, upload your picture, also upload a banner, fill in your date of birth,

7. Fill in your country as well, Write a little Bio about yourself as seen in the screenshot I made below. After that, you have to move to the next option on the community badge home page.

8. Now among all these badges, it is important that you interact very well with the community badges, and earn more than 10 badges if possible. Including making posts, replying to posts, liking people’s posts, getting replies, and many other options

9. Use the new topic option to select topics you want to either read, write on or comment on. I choose the airdrop topic and fed myself with airdrop hopium from the community posts. This post confirms 5M tokens for the community soon

10. Each of the badges you earn will appear on the notification as seen below. I also made a post about the Sui controversial airdrop; here is the link, you can reply and comment on it. https://forum.aptoslabs.com/t/sui-airdrop-on-the-way/207995?u=bms

11. Also, you will receive emails that your trust level has been increased if you are super active on the platform. The major target here is trust level 3.

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