Device was Hacked

This is about being security conscious, so I will share a little of my story.

Hello everyone,

About 3 weeks ago, my device was hacked, and I lost some funds because the hacker was able to gain access to my wallet private keys as well as other wallet recovery phrases.

This hack was orchestrated in through a malware. To make the story short, I downloaded a file which was supposed to enable me to activate my Windows OS, unknowing to me that it was a malware. I executed the file and boom.

That was when the hack began.


  • In as much as you’re trying to stay away from malicous links that are crypto related, be mindful of links you click and apps or files you download generally.

  • Never store your seed phrase as a text document in your device.

  • Install extensions that will keep you safe when interacting with different contracts.

  • Getting a Ledger will be a good investment, as it stores your private keys offline making it difficult for hackers to authorize transactions.

The end.