Develop Full Ukrainian Community

I’d like to help to develop Ukrainian Community Medium, twitter and telegram pages.
There is many ppl from UA community that looking for information from other regional channels, i guess that would also help to attract new users from UA community.
I propose to make a TG UA channel first and then the other channels
Orginize translations into Ukrainian and posting them on all chats and social medias
Also orginize events, challenges for UA community



Not a bad idea, but at the moment Aptos has no official channels in telegram and as far as I understand it is not planned in the nearest future.
It seems to me that the creation of separate Ukrainian telegram-chats would lead to unnecessary fragmentation of community. And btw, there is Ukrainian community in Discord and also quite a number of translations. You can check it out and coordinate with the guys there.

As for the local workshops, that’s really interesting and, as far as I understand, is planned in the near future.

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Thx for your reply.
Yea i know about situation with unofficial local channels and i think that still can be like Annoucement UA channel, and for discution we can go Discord as main chat.
We are waiting for Topic with Local community tag, and i guess we can make good local communitys on Aptos ecosystem, with translations, workshop, events, challenges etc

Hi there @extezymr.
I thought of the same idea, but support as cloudbustersystems said.
So I rethought the idea a bit and did it in a different format.
To collect all the information in one place that would be really useful and structured. If you are interested, we can discuss doing it together.

Thank you! Good Luck.


Great Idea sir, i’ll support ur idea and we can together do it better.

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Guys, if you need any help, I will be happy to help.

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